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Mortgage Loan In UAE

What is Mortgage Loan?

Mortgage Loan that you get from a financial establishment, typically a bank, to empower you to buy or develop another house or revamp your current structure. By benefiting yourself of a home loan in Dubai, you are venturing out towards obtaining your own asset that is going to fetch you many times its original value later on in life.

This is the current situation in Dubai where the housing market is going through enormous appreciation and it just seems OK to procure a home loan that will get you a strong asset along with an extraordinary interest in something that will give you more noteworthy returns in future.

To comprehend your qualification for a mortgage loan, regularly scheduled payments and the different expenses you should pay prior to getting the loan endorsed, you want to be familiar with the mortgage number cruncher that gives you these subtleties, so you can discover your reasonableness and settle on the amount you really want to get to put resources into your new property.

Benefits of Mortgage Loan

Providing you the ability to construct your home the way you've always imagined. Once finished, we deliver the property to you under the pre-arranged repayment schedule.

  • Financing of up to 85% of the chosen property's current market value
  • Large financial investments
  • Fast approval and a quick turnaround
  • More time to pay back, up to 25 years
  • Convenient monthly payments at the appropriate variable rate
  • Insurance from Takaful is designed to safeguard your family in the case of an unanticipated circumstance resulting in harm or death
  • A little amount of paperwork and slow processing speeds
  • For properties that are still under construction, engineering and project monitoring services are provided at no additional cost.

Eligibility Criteria of Mortgage Loan

  • The candidate should be of least 21 years
  • The age needed to qualify for a home loan is 58 years old if you work for a salary and 60 years old if you are self-employed, although the lender may adjust this.
  • To qualify for a mortgage loan, you must have a consistent source of income because your monthly income alone can affect how much you borrow.
  • Good credit history

For Individuals

  • Identity-verifying document, such as a passport or Emirates ID
  • Utility bill as residence evidence
  • Account Statement from your Bank
  • The most recent pay certificate and pay stubs

For Self employed

  • Identity-verifying document, such as a passport or Emirates ID
  • Utility bill as residence evidence
  • Account Statement from your Bank
  • Terms of Association
  • Industry permit copying
  • All Staff list
  • Company information / Website URL

Rules For Mortgage Loan

  • Expatriates will be able to finance 75% of a property's entire worth for a first investment of less than AED 5 million, while UAE residents would be able to borrow up to 80%.
  • Expats and UAE nationals can borrow up to 65% and 70% of the entire value of a property valued at more than AED 5 million, respectively.
  • For off-plan properties, all mortgages will be limited to 50%, regardless of purpose, value, or country.
  • The loan will be repaid over a 25-year period. The maximum age for expats and UAE nationals at the time of the loan's final installment will be 65 and 70 years old, respectively.
  • The EMI cannot exceed 50% of the borrower's monthly income, and total repayments cannot exceed the yearly income obtained in seven years for an expatriate and eight years for a UAE native.

Types of mortgage finance

We can arrange every kind of mortgage financing for you. For our mortgage professionals, complications appear to be simple.
We are dedicated to keeping your interest rates as low as possible.

Purchase of new villas or flats using a Mortgage

Anyone who wishes to purchase ready-to-occupy flats or villas from developers or re-sellers can do so for a very low interest rate and in a very short period of time.

Mortgage for buildings for construction

Under construction loans can be financed, and the development phases and developer's status will be evaluated with land department updates before the loan is processed.

Commercial real estate mortgage

We provide finance for properties for offices, warehouses, workplaces, and buildings of any complexity in nature, and it's done quickly and easily.

Non-residential mortgage

We provide loans for foreigners who are even non-residents of the UAE who want to buy property in the UAE with simple documents and financing.

Buying out & releasing equity

Obtaining financing through mortgaging your own property and benefiting from cheap interest rates, as well as using the fund for emergency cash flow, will be a low-cost source of funding for you.

Loan for a business

By mortgaging existing own properties at a very cheap rate of interest and for a longer term, one can arrange financing for business needs.

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