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You can get a variety of services and advantages with a credit card. Enjoy the convenience and independence that a credit card offers. Your credit card offers you the extra benefits, and it is issued by a respected financial institution and accepted in all countries.


Discover the most recent promos and deals available to cardholders. Also, analyze the advantages of using your credit card. Learn about our security features, payment options, and other card benefits.

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A selection of cards is created for you and your way of life. Receive immediate compensation for your financial investment.

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When you use the Pay App to pay with your credit card, you can check out quickly. It is a quick and easy method to pay in millions of locations - on the web, in applications, and in stores.

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On all of your credit card purchases, you will receive guaranteed cash back.

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Credit cards in Dubai are in high demand because society is rapidly growing
and an individual's level of living is rapidly improving.

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The majority of banks in Dubai give the best credit card deals, luring the average person and encouraging them to take full advantage of the facility in order to elevate their standard of living. In the modern world, credit cards are one of the most widely utilized banking instruments, being used by people from all social classes. Dubai residents benefit from credit cards in the following ways:

  • You don't need to bring a lot of cash with you when you go shopping. Without having to worry about carrying around an amount of risky cash, you can make any purchase of your choosing. The only restriction on how much you can spend with your credit card is the credit limit that has been set.
  • Your ability to pay your credit card debt over a period of time is advantageous and allows you some breathing room. You can make any offline or online transaction with a credit card without having any money in your bank account. When paying your bill, you merely need to have money in your account.
  • Your bank, which offers the credit card, reimburses you for the purchases you make using it, giving you access to a short-term, perhaps 50 days or so, interest-free loan.
  • These credit cards frequently include a variety of benefits, so the more you use your card, the greater the rewards you receive.
  • You cannot deny that the credit option is useful in crises, even if you don't like to utilize it.
  • In the event of unfavorable circumstances, credit shield insurance partially covers both your personal expenses and your unpaid credit card balances.
  • In Dubai, credit card offers are quite alluring and entice many potential customers to sign up for cards. The majority of banks provide exclusive offers, discounts, opportunities for cash back, and loyalty points. Discounts on food, entertainment, and movie tickets are just a few of the benefits and privileges available.

Advantages of using our services

  • All of your personal financial issues can be resolved quickly and easily.
  • We assist you in comparing the interest rates on personal loans in Dubai provided by the various banks so that you can select the most beneficial deal.
  • We give you the most recent information regarding the requirements for qualifying and the steps involved in the lending process.
  • We give you the most recent information regarding the requirements for qualifying and the steps involved in the lending process.
  • Effortless application process
  • Quick turnaround for bank processing and approval

Eligibility requirements for credit cards

Eligibility requirements for credit cardsAlthough different banks and credit card businesses provide various types of credit cards, the fundamental rule is that your credit limit is fixed based on your salary. According to the most recent Dubai Central Bank circular, only those with a minimum yearly salary of AED 60,000 are qualified for a credit card. To apply for one, you also require the following paperwork:

  • National Identification
  • Most recent account statement from your bank
  • Salary certificate
  • The most recent utility bill

In certain circumstances, the bank could request more paperwork. The bank will quickly accept your credit card if it is determined that you have a steady source of income and no unpaid balances from prior loans. Your credit card's interest rate may change based on the issuer. Some banks offer credit cards with no annual cost for the first year, and if the minimum annual card usage is not met after that, a minimum annual fee is charged. Some other companies only provide this option for premium cards. The annual charge typically varies based on the banks. It is always advisable to compare credit cards in Dubai and select the one that best meets your needs.

How to properly utilize your credit card

  • Know the amount you can spend with your card, and stick to it.
  • Online credit card transaction tracking
  • When you receive your monthly credit card statement, check the individual transactions by keeping your receipts. Any irregularities you find should be reported to the company. Check your current credit card statement every week, every two weeks, or soon after you make a sizable transaction if your credit card is linked to your online banking account.
  • You can save a sizable sum of money by paying off your credit card balance in full on the due date rather than paying the bank excessive interest rates.
  • Your credit card's late payments and non-payments would notably hurt your credibility.
  • When you start paying excessive rates of interest (20 to 45%) on the total bill amount, you will fall into a financial trap and should never choose the "minimum payment due" option unless absolutely essential.
  • Utilize the bank's SMS and email alerts to stay informed about your card transactions. Once you sign up for them, you even get SMS or email reminders for due dates.
  • When someone calls or emails you requesting your credit card number, be on the lookout and wary. Since the banks that provide your credit cards won't ask you for this information, you shouldn't trust anyone with it.
  • When you stick to these guidelines strictly, you will be able to get the rewards of using credit.

Credit Cards in Dubai

In Dubai, a credit card comes in quite handy, especially if you want to buy until you drop but don't have any cash on hand. The biggest benefit of using a credit card is the reasonable amount of time you have before making a payment. In addition, if you do not pay your credit card account on time, you will be penalized with interest that may be as high as 36% on the whole amount of credit. The advantages of owning a credit card in Dubai are, however, unquestionably greater once you understand how to manage your regular bill payments.

In Dubai, the following fees are applicable to all credit card types:

  • Joining charge
  • Fee for cash withdrawal
  • Overage charge
  • Charge for late payment

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