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Vehicle Finance has made the process of purchasing a car relatively easy and effortless. With the least amount of paperwork and payments, we provide you the chance to get home the car you wanted.

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Lower Interest Rates. Attractive Fixed and Variable Rate Choices are Accessible.

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Improved loan multiples. Free insurance for some years to cover your vehicle damage.

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Car Loan In UAE

What is Car Loan?

It's time to apply for a car loan when the time comes to purchase your dream vehicle and you realize that the only thing preventing you from experiencing complete driving joy is a lack of funds. A car loan ensures that you have the chance to realize your goals in a way that allows you to use the vehicle today and pay for it tomorrow. To avoid placing an unnecessary financial stress on you during the first few months of car ownership, some of them may make the repayments even simpler on you by lowering the first-year installments.

We provide the greatest financial solutions along with individualized attention. You will be prepared to purchase your dream car right now thanks to flexible payment options, affordable rates, and plenty of additional advantages.

The following are some of the main advantages you can enjoy:

  • Flexible, prolonged terms of up to five years for payback
  • The speedy and simple approval procedure
  • Salary Transfers are not required.
  • Very little documentation

Advantages of using our services

  • All of your personal financial issues can be resolved quickly and easily.
  • We assist you in comparing the interest rates on personal loans in Dubai provided by the various banks so that you can select the most beneficial deal.
  • We give you the most recent information regarding the requirements for qualifying and the steps involved in the lending process.
  • We give you the most recent information regarding the requirements for qualifying and the steps involved in the lending process.
  • Effortless application process
  • Quick turnaround for bank processing and approval

Advantages of Car Loans

Car loans serve as more than just a means of financing the vehicle of your dreams. They also offer a variety of advantages to clients, some of which can be as follows:

  • The majority of current accounts have a minimum balance requirement that cannot be disregarded. If you obtain a car loan from a bank, many of them will waive that provision.
  • A lot of banks provide credit cards with a free first year.
  • All car kinds, including sedans, saloons, 4X4s, etc., are eligible for these loans.
  • Additionally to loans, several banks offer competitively priced auto insurance.
  • SIP (Staggered Investment Plans) enables easily manageable monthly payments that rise gradually over the period of the loan.

Documents Required

  • Income documentation or a salary certificate
  • You need three months of bank statements for your salary account
  • Copy of a valid passport along with an expatriate-only UAE residence visa that is currently valid (originals are needed for verification).
  • Cheques with postdated dates, if necessary.
  • Check for security.
  • A price estimation or sample invoice from the dealer for brand-new cars.

For used vehicles, you will need:

  • An appraisal certificate from a dealer recognized by the bank
  • A title of ownership.
  • A price or an offer to sell made by the present owner of the car to the bank.

Advantages of car financing

  • Depending on the bank issuing the loan, auto loans can range in price from 30,000 AED to as much as 900,000 AED.
  • The payback length for the majority of auto loans can range from 12 to 60 months, depending on your comfort level.
  • You could pay as little as 2.35% annually if you choose a flat interest rate. This interest rate is determined by the banks and is subject to variation between banks.
  • You have the option of flat interest rates or slightly higher lowering balance interest rates.
  • Even buying a used car is possible with a car loan.
  • You can borrow anywhere between 80% and 100% of the total cost to purchase the vehicle.
  • Residents as well as foreigners working in the UAE can apply for a car loan.

Available Car Loan Types in the Dubai

Banks in Dubai offer auto loans that are customized to each customer's needs because multiple customers may have various desires. These auto loans include-

  • Standard auto loan, with or excluding salary transfer
  • Customers can apply for a car loan using the maximum amount that the bank will grant with a traditional car loan. The loan can then be repaid over a term of up to or greater than 60 months with an interest charge. These loans can be obtained both with and without a salary transfer to a bank account.

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Guaranteeing a security-tight exchanging stage for your protected exchange insight.
A committed group of client support chiefs is on their toes for your assistance. Ask whenever and get a quick reaction.
Offering total liquidity for making withdrawal adaptable for all.
Empowering you to begin effective money management at zero expense. Make a free account with us today
Giving the most extreme open door, guaranteeing more prominent advantages.

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